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Sales Representative Quoting

Super Admin users are able to create quotes for companies that are accessible to them.

Once you have logged in as a  Super Admin, on your far right you will see an option for “Quotes” that you can select.

Next, select “Create New Quote.”

Select the company from the drop-down you are creating the quote for and fill in the details: Reference Number, Quote Title, Description, and Expiration Date.

You can choose any address from the predefined address book after selecting the company. Click on the Company Address Box.

You can select an address or search for a specific address.

Enter in the SKU or name of the product you wish to locate.

When you are done, select “Preview” or if you are not yet finished with the quote, select “Save as Draft.”

On the Preview page, you will be able to “Publish” or “Save as Draft.”

Publishing will allow Senior Buyers and Company Administrators to see the quote in their dashboard.

Additionally, you can print, download, or email the quote to a user in the company.

  • To email a quote to a user, select the envelope button and select the user email you wish to email it to.
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