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Shopping List Approval

Shopping lists may be approved by Senior Buyers or Company Administrators.

Anyone may create a shopping list; a Junior Buyer is the only user who will have to submit an approval for purchase as Junior Buyers do not have user permissions to make purchases.

Once a shopping list has been curated by a Junior Buyer, they will mark it as “Ready for Approval.”

  • It will then appear on the shopping lists for Administrators and Senior Buyers and listed as “Ready for Approval.”
  • The Administrator or Senior Buyer will then either approve the shopping list or reject it.
  • If Approved, then it will be purchasable. It cannot be edited or modified from this version until at the cart, at which point you may add or remove items/quantities.
Creation date: 9/18/2020 2:14 PM (andrew.abueg)      Updated: 9/18/2020 2:14 PM